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wow! it's been weeks since i actually wrote something on this blog. i missed it, and i missed you guys! good news people... i'm back!

been very busy with real life that my muses and bunnies have been down. so much has happened, like a moved into a new house and i finally got a new laptop over a week ago. you read right, a new laptop! partial picture of the model i got is the cool avatar on the left (a sweet and sleek sony vaio s series). and yes, i've been writing somewhat trying to get on the bandwagon again. and just a few days ago, i was able to write chapters 28 and 29 of 'two roses.' it felt good to finish them and of course, read the reviews that i have received. :)

i'll admit, i haven't written a lot over the weeks, and only did those 2 chapters during the move, so i have a lot to do, and reread the wips that i have, and try to remember where i was with my stories. other than that, new story plots have been popping in my head, thanks to my new laptop. i love it!

maybe will try for a smutty oneshot. ;)


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my world

behind the scenes

GREETINGS! this blog was put up so that you readers would know what i'm doing with my fanfic writing, and anything else related to fanfic. i enjoy reading a few others myself. my stories revolve around hermione granger paired with one of my favorite 3 slytherins--severus snape, lucuis malfoy, and draco malfoy. snape of course is my true love. i think having a thing for alan rickman is the cause of it all. happy reading! :)


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i am 20 something year old that enjoys writing mainly fanfiction in the harry potter universe. i have other things that intrest me such as TV shows and movies, but writing my fanfic is what i do most. so far, it's been a blast posting my stories up on the net, and knowing that people enjoy my work. who knows, maybe one day i'll have my own book. no original stories yet in my mind, so it's just fanfic for now.