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i still haven't been able to get my laptop checked. i have so much things getting in the way. aside from life's troubles and problems, a severe tropical thunder storm/typhoon has hit us a few days ago. my city, manila, philippines is in a state of calamity. it's so bad that it's the worst storm that ever hit us in recording history. it flooded in an area close by, but not life threatening, unlike the ones in other areas.

my heart goes out to those in need, and to those that have lost a lot.

i have found a few chapters of 'two roses' on my flashdisk that i can hopefully post soon. will have to reread them and see if those chapters are the correct chapters that went in the direction i wanted my story to go to. i do rewrite some of my chapter until i'm satisfied with the way the story went.

so please bare with me guys... i'll get back on the road to writing and updating regularly. i might be able to post ch11 later on.

excuse my french but-- FUCK!!!

life has been a bummer lately as some of you may know, making me lose myself and drown in the fanfic world. with all my problems, i'm surprised that i'm still sane. but last night, things only seemed to get worse. my laptop crashed.

i will swear again, and not apologize... FUCK!!! it's the instument i use to write my fanfic. all my stories are on it. i'm worried because i don't know if i can retrieve my files. i pray that i do. yes, i do have backup copies in my flashdisk, but it isn't updated. so the latest writing i did the past few weeks weren't copied. argh! i can't remember preciseley what i wrote with all the shit in my head.

so pissed off because my instrument to vent, and the only thing that keeps me sane--my laptop, fucking crashed! i cried many times since it happened, and will continue to cry...

what the fucking hell have i done to deserve this? if this continues on, i will eventually burn out.

~bea :(

damn, damn, damn! don't know what's been happening with my plot bunnies, but for the past few days, i couldn't write anything for 'two roses.' it took me forever to get chapter 19 done after so many versions of it. chapter 20 is the same. i really want to write and continue on with the story, but recently, i just can't.

starbucks is just down the street and across the block--maybe a coffee boost will help. they keyword being maybe. i don't know how i'll react to coffee this time. last time, i was wide awake the whole night and just couldn't sleep. yes ladies and gentlemen, coffee does make me sleep. some rare times, it does keep me awake. last time it kept me awake, i was able to write and finish an unfinished chapter. but if it makes me sleepy... i don't know.

frustrated! i really want to write and get something done. get the story done! it's so close and yet so far. must get it done. must get into writing. must fine out how to boost my plot bunnies.

i'll think about the coffee for a bit... coffee or not? will it keep me awake or make me sleep? i think a nice grande cappuccino will do. -sighs- will get it. will be good in this cold room of mine.


been stuck on chapter 19 of 'two roses' for days. rewritten a lot of parts, and never was satisfied. my mind is elsewhere... i have so much more angst in me, that i need to continue to vent out. believe it or not, it's my birthday tomorrow, and part of me is not looking foward to it, seriously. age isn't the issue. i'm turning 27, but i really feel way older than my age.

been thinking a bit on one of the fics that i thought up after writing a few chapters of 'two roses.' it's a lucius/hermione fic, that i don't have a title for yet. i have a vague idea of what i want. some key points, but nothing whole in my head. so that it wouldn't slip my mind, i wrote the first chapter of it as soon as it popped up. now i'm glancing at the chapter, and i'm so tempted to continue on with the story, and see where the plot bunnies take me.

i can tell you all that it will be a reformed lucius fic, that will start in azkaban--hence the picture above. hermione on the other hand... i can't give anything away. that will be my little surprsie. it will be very heavy and angsty. honeslty, i'm excited for it. it will be the first LMHG multi-chapter story that i have.

-sighs- i'm wondering when i'll be suprised again with humor popping up in my head for no apparent reason. 'bid for love' was just a completely out of the blue fic. angsty me, and then suddenly not angsty me. i wrote it really fast, and even had some humor gas in me left for another fic. sadly though, my humor gas ran out when i was like 3 chapters 'battle of the sexes.' hoping that i'll get on that fic soon and continue it.

will i get some humor gas for my birthday? never know.


last night, it was raining so hard. not just cats and dogs, but the enitre zoo was came down. when i woke up, thankfully it wasn't raining anymore. the sky though still looks a little dark, so it might rain again later.

i loved it though when it rained. the weather was cold, and my AC was on. room was freezing, and i slept well, beneath my warm blankets. rainy days aren't always gloomy. if you can sleep it off, why not? lol!

and i guess sleeping it off had an effect on my writing. i started chapter 19 for 'two roses.' sleepy slow me, has been having slow outcome for it. not only was i the one that fell asleep, but i think my plot bunnies did as well. i've beem awake for over an hour, and only managed to type a paragraph. i think they're still asleep. so i guess i'll try and finishing it up later.

yesterday, i decided to post it up on ( my plan is to try and post a chapter up everyday, until it catches up with my posting on (let's shorten makes things easier). not all my stories are up on i'd say it's because the site isn't as user friendly to get around and is the first fanficiton site that i've ever come upon and signed up for.

now... here i sit, in front of my laptop. i'm done posting chapter 2 on to sleep, or not to sleep? that is the question.

~bea... (zzz...)

what a bummer the whole day has been. two typhoons are on the way. no, not hitting my area, but still we get a strong amount of wind and rain. i think it'll be signal number 1 some time tomorrow, or later since it's almsot 2AM. internet's been acting all weird again. slept it off when it wasn't working. now i'm able to get online again.

other than that, has been having server problems again since their reoganization the other day. i don't think that they're done reorganizing. i posted up chap5, and i got a few reviews. NO alerts for them. so that means, i'm not going to get a lot of reviews for the chap i just posted. the alerts will be late, or won't go through at all.

yes people, i admit, i love recieving reviews. who doesn't? as long as they're postive, have good crticisms even if bad, but flames... them i don't tolerate at all. i don't read as much fanfic anymore, but i too review myself when i do. they are the food to our plot bunnies and muses. good for the author's soul.

hours ago, i was able to finish ch18 for 'two roses.' haven't even started ch19 because i slept off during my free, or rather, writing time. thankfully it's a saturday and the weekend, so no forcing myself to get up early. i'll have lots of time to write.  maybe i'll get a few chapters done. if not, a one-shot. been trying to think of a smutty DMHG fic. can't force those bunnies when they don't want to play.

back to ch18... i cried buckets writing it. so yes, it should be a chapter to wait and watch out for. now i feel like crying just because of thinking about what i wrote in it. -sniffles-

until next time (i'm hoping this weekend, if the internet connection doesn't f up because of the typhoons)...


it's been years since the last time i actually blogged. so here i am again, starting a new one.

this blog will be for my fanfic writings, and whatever else is related towards it. it'll give you a chance to know what i'm doing, and where i'm at with my fics. even though i'm not posting, i am writing on occasion-- that is of course unless real life grabs me by the neck, or worse, writer's block (are my priorities wrong? hey, i'm a writer).

there are more fics that i'm working on than what i've posted. very few chaps done, and an unsure story idea. just waiting to see where the plot bunnies lead me to. of course, there are few that i am working on, it'll just take time to finish. -sighs- how i really wish i could type faster. sometimes my plot bunnies leave me behind, and i tend to forget. one can only do so much with so many in mind.

anyways, as for the latest fic i'm posting on, i am working on a story entitled 'two roses.' like 'solitary hearts,' it is a romantic and angsty story, but the angst is heavier. don't blame me. with my own life's problems, i had to vent somewhere, and it went into my fic.

so far, i have 17 chapters done for 'two roses.' i think a few more, and it would be completed but... you never know. the plot bunnies have taken me for a surprise when i started writing this fic. i've written many things into it that i thought i wouldn't write at all. hermione an alcoholic, sev engaged, and a bunch of other stuff that you'll soon read.

some of the reviews, messages, or emails that i recieved have told me that 'two roses' is already too angsty, and they can't continue on until they know that it's a happy ending for sev and hermione. well... there will be a HAPPY ENDING. i'm not one for sad endings myself.

i'll leave it here. it's past midnight already. have to catch some zzz's. if not, i'll try to get a few paragraphs in chapter 18 of 'two roses.'

until the next post...


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GREETINGS! this blog was put up so that you readers would know what i'm doing with my fanfic writing, and anything else related to fanfic. i enjoy reading a few others myself. my stories revolve around hermione granger paired with one of my favorite 3 slytherins--severus snape, lucuis malfoy, and draco malfoy. snape of course is my true love. i think having a thing for alan rickman is the cause of it all. happy reading! :)


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i am 20 something year old that enjoys writing mainly fanfiction in the harry potter universe. i have other things that intrest me such as TV shows and movies, but writing my fanfic is what i do most. so far, it's been a blast posting my stories up on the net, and knowing that people enjoy my work. who knows, maybe one day i'll have my own book. no original stories yet in my mind, so it's just fanfic for now.