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it's been a long day today for me. not even 9pm and my eyes are getting heavier by the minute. i think i'll be asleep very soon, and it would be a very early hour for me to shut my eyes until tomorrow. a friend that i haven't seen in a long time came over and we did a lot of things and catch up. before he arrived though, i was able to get some writing done.

i managed to finish 'kissing booth' last night, and started to think of a possible plot for my valentine's dmhg story. i started writing it out earlier this morning and i think it's started pretty well. if it's not a oneshot, it'll be a twoshot. there is a possibility for it though to become a multichap in the future if my muses allow. for now though, my plan is it'll be a short story. no title idea for it now. really very much a work in progress. it'll be a sweet fic. nothing smutty.

that's it for me now, otherwise i might be sleeping on my keyboard within the next minute.


last night, while i was watching a dvd, my muses suddenly came up with a new oneshot with one of our favorite pairings, lmhg. i started working on it earlier, and i believe that it is over halfway done. maybe i'll have it finished by later or tomorrow, but i'm not going to post it anytime soon. the little humor fic has a sort of valentine's day theme set around it. so it will be posted till then. don't be mad! i believe that it's worth the wait. i laughed while i was plotting it around in my head, and all the more while i was typing it. for now, it's title is 'kissing booth' and i think i'll probably stick to it.

with valentine's in mind--no, i do not have a love life now-- i thought that i'd try to do short valentine stories and post it this coming valentines. 3 short stories/oneshots with the 3 different pairings that i write. how does that sound? i think that it would be fun. no guarantees, but we'll have to see how my muses cooperate.

now to start thinking about plots for the sshg and dmhg fics, and not to forget, to try and continue working on 'two roses.'


i don't know why, but it's just been one of those days today in which i just woke up too damn early--as in before 7am. so, i decided to sit in front of the computer and write a bit. but i was wrong, that is not what happened. instead, my creativity decided to flow elsewhere, and that is with photoshop.

honestly, it's been years since i actually touched the program or even something similar to it. i'm serious! shame on me though. i'm supposed to be a multimedia artist, but i really haven't delved on photo manipulating or editing whatsoever in a long time. usually, i like to play around with my digital cameras. then again, the work that i've been doing for some time isn't multimedia related.

stupid and dumb is what i felt like when i opened photoshop. it took me awhile to get around the program and remember the basic tools, but after a few clicks here and there, i managed pretty much. and with that, i ended up making a few arsty fartsy stuff with some photos of alan rickman. hey, he's the reason why i'm in love with snape, and i fell in love with him years before the harry potter books. he's quite a looker with some voice. he is super hot and handsome despite his age--somewhere over 60+. don't kill me! i'm entitled to my own opinions, crushes, fantasies and whatever more.

well, i guess it's safe to say that i'm pleased with the work i've done with photoshop earlier. i was trying to make one of his photos look like it was sketched with color or had some charcoal effect. pretty neat how it turned out. i was following a tutorial and doing some additional stuff on my own.

besides the single picture, i also did some 100x100 icons/avatars. i would have to say i got my inspiration from surfing around lj (livejournal), and checking out a few of the thousands of icons that were in it. i've downloaded a few and used some of them myself.

will i ever post up my own icons in lj? maybe, maybe not. i've had my lj account for some time, and i have yet to post anything on it, even fanfic. some people have told me that it's really the way to get around in the fanfic world--awards, groups, etc. but why? i'm already happy with the few websites that my works are posted in. i can't complain. other than that, i really haven't figured out how to use lj. seems complicated. maybe one day though, i might post my photoshop works and fanfics. never know.

anyways, my brain is completely drained from earlier. i think i'll take a little nap. not sure though if i'm going to write. must sleep...



see the icon on the left? that's exactly me now, or rather, what's going on in my head, in both my life and my fanfic. well, never mind about my life and let's just talk about my fics, as it is an escape of mine from reality.

there are so many plot ideas of mine in my head that i can only type so much for some time. how i really do wish that i could type just as fast as i could think, and there wouldn't be much of a problem. maybe that's one of the reasons for my typer's block--too many ideas in my head, which ones should i type out? i don't know which ones to type so my fingers don't know what to type. and i am not just working on one story, but several ones at a time even. perhaps it's best to just focus on one... but i'll have to try really hard! i wish!

i also wish that i could only post completed fics and not wips, like very few authors do. well, i did that once but only for one story which was 'bid for love.' one author that practices only posting completed fics is my all time favor author, snapes_goddess. she has disipline that only i can dream of. even though i have told myself numerous times to post only completed fics, i still post wips. but i really only start posting when i have at least 3 chapters done. still, there's a part of me that thinks that it's wrong, because in the end, i leave readers hanging with unfinished fics. 'secrets' is one very good example. i have numerous fans for the story that i've left hanging when i put the story on hiatus or stopped writing it. trust me, i know how they feel because i too hate it when an author leaves me hanging with an unfinished fic. so i really should start displining myself to post only completed fics. i have the will power. i can do it!

do you know sg (snapes_goddess), and have you read her work? if not, you should. in fact, she is the main reason that i got into the lmhg ship. before it was basically sshg and a little dmhg, but because of her, lucius got into my fics with hermione. i fell in love with him because of one of her numerous fics which was 'love thy enemy.' she has written plot ideas that are very original and creative. i have laughed and shed many tears when i have read her fics, and i'm always eager for the next one.

when will i have her discipline? -sighs-

gotta get back to writing...


i've started a bit of ch24 of 'two roses' and i'm getting distracted. as i am continuing to write pimp daddy lucius, the more i want to start on writing either of the lmhg fics that are in my head. i'm trying as best as i can to let my muses focus on the task at hand--the story now, but it's hard. i keep on pausing in some areas of ch24 and wonder to myself if i should rewrite it from the beginning. it wouldn't be the first time i did such a thing. i've rewritten chapters many times in the past. well... all i want is for ch24 to be perfect--it's one of the high points in the story with severus and the ron-bashing, so i really can't disappoint.

on another note, i saw my flashdisk sitting idly next to my keyboard, and remembered that i really haven't touched it in weeks, perhaps months. most important files for me on it are the fanfics of course. so, i've browsed into it, and read the beginnings of some stories that my brain and muses just totally forgot. aside from the story ideas mentioned in yesterdays post, there are some that i have dabbled across for a bit, and forgot about them until now. they are two stories.

one story is temporarily entitled 'daughter of the darkness.' it is a fic in which hermione is voldemort's daughter. if i can remember, my plot idea was that she struggles with the getting pulled into the darkness, and the only one that can save her is severus.

the second fic is a time travel fic. and no, it's not the usual time travel fic were hermione goes into the past. instead, it's one in which certain people from the future go back into her time to change something. not going to tell exactly who or what. this time travel fic of mine is an original, and i wouldn't want anyone to steal my thunder. i'll just say this... it's another sshg.

now, i want to bang this keyboard on my head. lucius is dominating my muses now, even with the two savaged sshg fics. maybe it's best for me to stop writing for today and see what happens tomorrow, or the next day.

till next time...


i know it's been awhile since i've written in this blog--but i'm still here and i'm still alive. a lot has happened in life lately since my last entry, and i've been trying to write into my fanfic when i can. and with regards to having a new laptop, looks like i'll have to wait longer till i get one. -sighs-

still, i've been able to write on occasion but it isn't the same as writing on my laptop next to my bed. anyways, some time ago, i surprised myself with writing a smutty dmhg oneshot entitled 'the joys of muggle technology.' okay, i admit the the fic has porn as a subject, but you can't blame me. the inspiration for my muses came to me unexpectedly when i was surfing for torrents. and in those torrents sites is where i saw a few porn ads. no, i didn't click on any of them, but oddly, they inspired me to write something i never thought of. then it just happened, i started typing non-stop until the fic finished.

odd how things work. i want to write, and i can't force it out of me. but when i don't think of writing, it comes to me unexpectedly, but in a good way. my writing for fanfic has broadened into some smutty dmhg, and hopefully i'll get into writing some more of them. if not, some cute fic like 'last to know' wouldn't hurt either. it seems that more people prefer a cute and sweet story of the two rather than a smutty one with regards to reviews.

aside from that, i have also updated 'two roses' a few times. the story has taken a different turn than originally planned. i think that the long gaps between chapter and not being able to write for some time has something to do with it. more ideas come to mind, and i just had to decide which was the best way to go, or rather, my muses have taken control when i was typing. nonetheless, i am pleased as to how the story is going now. it will be longer than originally planned as well.

okay, we all know of writer's block, but what about typer's block? is there such a thing? i know where i want my stories to go, but i can't get it out. or, i have so many new story ideas in my head that i can't get it out either. my brain has so many ideas, that my fingers are too lazy to get them out, or they just can't. typer's block?

what fics do i have on my mind? a lot really. i have a plot idea or two for lmhg--and these will be multi-chap, if i ever do get them out. both are very angsty. oh yes, i still have a lot of angst that i'm dealing with. another idea that i have floating around in my head is a humorous sshg like 'bid for love.' okay... i'll confess that i have a few chapters for already written. i've mentioned it before in a recent post, 'battle of the sexes.' at least that's the title that i have for it now. it's very much a wip (work in progress), and i continue writing it once in a blue moon. if i got bitten by a humorous bug, i could finish it quickly like what happened in 'bid for love.' now where is that damn bug?!

well, 'two roses' should be a priority, as well as 'second chances.' it's been ages since i last updated that story. no, it's not going to be put up in my hiatus list any time soon. my muses and i had everything planned for that story. we just have to find it in my brain. it has to be there, somewhere. -shakes head-

must try and continue writing, and at least finish something soon. i really want to try and get started with a multi-chapter lmhg...

happy new years!


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GREETINGS! this blog was put up so that you readers would know what i'm doing with my fanfic writing, and anything else related to fanfic. i enjoy reading a few others myself. my stories revolve around hermione granger paired with one of my favorite 3 slytherins--severus snape, lucuis malfoy, and draco malfoy. snape of course is my true love. i think having a thing for alan rickman is the cause of it all. happy reading! :)


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i am 20 something year old that enjoys writing mainly fanfiction in the harry potter universe. i have other things that intrest me such as TV shows and movies, but writing my fanfic is what i do most. so far, it's been a blast posting my stories up on the net, and knowing that people enjoy my work. who knows, maybe one day i'll have my own book. no original stories yet in my mind, so it's just fanfic for now.