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i don't know why, but it's another one of those sleepless nights. it's 3am in the morning, and i haven't been able to get a single shuteye. counting sheep is useless, so here i am, typing away.

i wouldn't call it a wasteful amount of time, though i am complaining, wanting to really sleep. i've actually decided to start ch26 of 'two roses.' i'm barely 200 words in, with my brain functioning slow at this hour. -yawns-

as i've started it, i realized that it might be a little more difficult to write than the previous chapter. i don't know how i'm going to have sev tell hermione the truth. he'll have to break it to her gently, somehow. there's really no way out of it. she has to know. this is a difficult one.

why or why do my bunnies put me in this position?

brain not functioning right to even think of a solution now. well, i haven't gotten to that part yet, i think i can start with sev's flashback for now.

when will i sleep tonight? good thing it's a sunday.

~beabear (wishing to hibernate soon)


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my world

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GREETINGS! this blog was put up so that you readers would know what i'm doing with my fanfic writing, and anything else related to fanfic. i enjoy reading a few others myself. my stories revolve around hermione granger paired with one of my favorite 3 slytherins--severus snape, lucuis malfoy, and draco malfoy. snape of course is my true love. i think having a thing for alan rickman is the cause of it all. happy reading! :)


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i am 20 something year old that enjoys writing mainly fanfiction in the harry potter universe. i have other things that intrest me such as TV shows and movies, but writing my fanfic is what i do most. so far, it's been a blast posting my stories up on the net, and knowing that people enjoy my work. who knows, maybe one day i'll have my own book. no original stories yet in my mind, so it's just fanfic for now.