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woohoo! i'm back! and yes, i know that i have said this several times before. but here i am again, and i honestly have missed writing fanfiction and posting on the blog. but i think i should honestly admit that i almost forgot about this blog of mine. bad me!

anyways, i know that it's been months since i last wrote something on this blog. and after months of not writing for any of my stories, i was finally able to write ch31 for 'two roses' and post it up on just a few days ago. it was completely unplanned and a complete surprise for me when i started to type it up and finish it in no time. now, i'm starting to work on ch32, and it pretty much looks like i'm really back this time around.

i don't know why i haven't been able to write anything in months, but here i am, back again. woohoo!

truly missed it all...


ps - i have my own bacon, or should i say twix--a chocolate lab. adorable! :)

last night, or to be exact, in the middle of the night, i was able to write up and finish ch30 for 'two roses.' it was one of those many nights in which i couldn't sleep. so i tried to write, and surprisingly, i got something done.

like the last few chapters of the story, it's a heart wrenching one. poor hermione, she's been through a lot. tons of angst and drama. not to worry guys, like i promised, i will get the story done. i do have it planned out in my head. and of course, let's not forget that happy ending.

time to catch up on some much needed sleep...


ps - currently listening to 'everything burns' which is a song sung by ben moody and anastacia. it's on repeat, and a wonderful song to listen to while i try and write this story.

wow! it's been weeks since i actually wrote something on this blog. i missed it, and i missed you guys! good news people... i'm back!

been very busy with real life that my muses and bunnies have been down. so much has happened, like a moved into a new house and i finally got a new laptop over a week ago. you read right, a new laptop! partial picture of the model i got is the cool avatar on the left (a sweet and sleek sony vaio s series). and yes, i've been writing somewhat trying to get on the bandwagon again. and just a few days ago, i was able to write chapters 28 and 29 of 'two roses.' it felt good to finish them and of course, read the reviews that i have received. :)

i'll admit, i haven't written a lot over the weeks, and only did those 2 chapters during the move, so i have a lot to do, and reread the wips that i have, and try to remember where i was with my stories. other than that, new story plots have been popping in my head, thanks to my new laptop. i love it!

maybe will try for a smutty oneshot. ;)


after writing daily and producing 9 chapters for my lmhg fic, 'redemption,' i've decided to take a break from it, and didn't write anything for the past few days. i know that i told myself that i was going to take advantage of the bunny ride i was on, but it was getting a little too heavy for me. hourly breaks from it wasn't good enough, it had to be longer. i'm goingto continue on with it eventually, but not now.

today, i am happy to say that i have started ch27 of 'two roses.' just started typing a little while ago, and i'm already a few paragraphs in.

other than that, my plot bunnies have been inspired yet again for another fic, which would be a multi-chap dmhg if i do ever start to type it. which reminds me, i'm thinking about taking down my first failed attempt at one, 'life.' it really just is one chapter and nothing more. i don't know what happened there really. anyways, the inspiration came when i was watching the movie 'fighting.' i've thought of plot, different from it, but of course, with the whole  street fighting aspect still there. hermione being a kick-ass fighter does sound interesting. oh well, got to set the idea aside first, and just note it down so that i won't forget about it.

there's so many plot ideas in my head, i'm just jumping back and forth between stories now. the possibilities of fanfic are endless...


would love for the ice bucket pic to be real! it's boiling hot, and for the past few days, it's been getting hotter and hotter everyday. summer is just around the corner here in the philippines, and i'm not looking forward to the heat. also, it's just one of those many days that i wish i had a laptop so that i could stay in my bedroom where the aircon is running nicely, and not here in this other room, with an old and still reliable pc, but no ac.

i'm still working on the lmhg prison fic. a friend of mine suggested the title 'redemption' when she read the first few chapters, and i think it fits well with the direction i plan to go in, or hope to go in. still, so far, so good with the chapter outputs. finished 8 chaps already. today though was a little slow. let's hope my plot bunnies don't die of heat stroke.

-dreaming about dunking my head in the ice bucket-


still continuing on that lmhg fic where both lucius and hermione are prisoners. i just finished the 5th chapter and had to take a break. believe me when i say that i have so many tears in my eyes just from writing it, or even thinking about it. so far, it truly is heart wrenching, that i had to take a break. i think amongst all the fanfics that i have written, this story to date is the heaviest one i've ever written.

no, i don't have any intentions of posting the fic anytime soon. like a said before, i am trying to discipline myself into posting only completed/finished fics. don't hate me for it because trust me, you'd hate me more if i left it hanging and abandoned.

still writing it at a wonderful pace--a chapter a day. no idea though how long it's going to be. and still no title for it either.

i know i should be working on ch27 of 'two roses,' which i haven't even starting writing yet, but hey, it's the bunnies making me write this lmhg non-stop.

will rest for now, and take a nap. it's a sunday anyways. maybe i'll even get to type another chapter later on.


for the past 2 days, my bunnies have been jumping up and down allowing me to type a chapter a day on one of my many wips. it's the story about hermione and lucius who are both prisoners in azkaban. this untitled story, i'm mentioned before in this entry here.

i don't what inspired my bunnies to suddenly work on it, but i'm going to take full advantage of the it. a chapter a day? that's already a lot of progress for me. who knows, maybe i can write more. anyways, so far i am 3 chapters in and excited to continue on with my hyped up bunnies.

type, type, typing away...


once again, i've had another sleepless night. the good news is that i got to finish writing ch26 of 'two roses.' i look at the clock now, and it's almost 5am. sleep has come and over taken me, that i've decided to upload the new chapter later on the in the afternoon or so.

i'm calling in a night.

night, night everyone, and sweet dreams...


i know it's been awhile since i've had a beta check on my fics, nonetheless, i think that my writing has improved. simple grammatical mistakes are starting to become things of the past. hopefully, a few of my betas will come back and check my work when they're not too busy with their pregnancies, or newborns.

seriously, i've had about 3 betas. one just gave birth yesterday, the other a few months ago. and last week, the third told me she's pregnant. what is it? my beta's are getting pregnant?! lol! actually, i asked one of them why this was happening to me--pregnant betas. her reply was that in most of my long fics, i make hermione pregnant one way or another. when i thought about it, it was so true.

beta for me, and get pregnant! lol!


i don't know why, but it's another one of those sleepless nights. it's 3am in the morning, and i haven't been able to get a single shuteye. counting sheep is useless, so here i am, typing away.

i wouldn't call it a wasteful amount of time, though i am complaining, wanting to really sleep. i've actually decided to start ch26 of 'two roses.' i'm barely 200 words in, with my brain functioning slow at this hour. -yawns-

as i've started it, i realized that it might be a little more difficult to write than the previous chapter. i don't know how i'm going to have sev tell hermione the truth. he'll have to break it to her gently, somehow. there's really no way out of it. she has to know. this is a difficult one.

why or why do my bunnies put me in this position?

brain not functioning right to even think of a solution now. well, i haven't gotten to that part yet, i think i can start with sev's flashback for now.

when will i sleep tonight? good thing it's a sunday.

~beabear (wishing to hibernate soon)

as promised, i just finished ch25 of 'two roses' mere minutes ago, and posted it up. it took a long while to do, but i must say, i am very pleased with the outcome. to date, it is the longest chapter in the story. and of course, ron-bashing baby! i'd have to say it's my finest bashing i ever did.

i also have to say that it was probably one of the hardest chapters i had to write comparing it with all my other stories. i may have written several fics on hermione being raped, but i never have written the actual rape scene until now. -sighs- it took a lot of energy from my bunnies and my brain. not complaining since i an more than happy with the outcome.

now i think i'll rest or watch dvds.


as of now, i'm about halfway through ch25 of 'two roses.' i'm getting there, but i'm just not so sure if i can finish it up by this weekend. i type something up and then delete it, and type again. it's a vicious circle when i'm trying to get something perfect. other than that, i am also thinking really hard on the next chapter or so with how hermione's going to react when the truth hits her about ron raping her. the next few chapters may be a little tougher for me to write, i know.

i always try to picture myself in hermione's shoes if i were to be in the situations that i write her in. how she'll react, her emotions, her pain, etc. and i am no stranger to pain as i do tend to vent out in my writing. on the plus side, what's the harm of me being hermione in my stories?  with severus, lucius and draco all being my men? yummy! :p

now that i think about it... maybe i am writing myself in the stories, imagining that perfect man to rescue me from this life of mine...


a lot of people have been asking or telling me to do a sequel for the dmhg fic that i did over valentine's called 'opposites attract.' well, honestly, in my opinion, it can do with a sequel or it stands well on its own. i myself am also torn if i should continue the oneshot or not. when i read it, part of me feels like i left the reader hanging, while the other part thinks that it just leaves enough for the imagination (just like one reader said in a review).

for now, i don't have any plans for doing a sequel. plot bunnies haven't thought of anything interesting to continue with it. but i am open to the idea of writing one. guess that time will come if any ideas come to mind.

right now, i am trying to continue typing ch25 of 'two roses.' it's a slow development, but this chapter does have to be perfect, as it is the climatic chapter in the story where the whole truth gets out. hoping to get things done, on or before the weekend.

got to go and get typing...


after leaving ch24 of 'two roses' with a cliffhanger, of course i knew that i had to get started with the next chapter as soon as i could. leaving chaps at cliffies is evil, and trust me, i've been  accused many times for doing such an act. but really, that just me, and where's the suspense without them?

anyways, i have started with ch25, but just barely--and i mean only one paragraph. my muses and my brain seem to have taken a break since i can't think much of writing now. maybe it's a writing hangover? is there even such a thing? i've posted 4 different things this past weekend, so yes, my muses have been working hard, especially for the valentine's fic. lousy excuse i know, but i just can't seem to write. i really should push things for ch25. it'll show what happened that night, over eight years ago. of course i'm thinking about making ron look like an arse yet again.

anyways, completely random muse thought... a plot kind of similar to 'child of new beginnings' but with lucius instead of severus. how does that sound? new idea for me amongst all the other ideas that i have for lmhg. it does sound a bit interesting, and challenging for me. i'll have to think about it some more, and maybe type up a chapter or 2 and see where things can go.

(no cliffies here...)


happy valentine's!

as promised, i just posted up my 3 little oneshots for this special day. really, i just did it a minute ago for all of you that have been waiting impatiently. the sshg one is entitled, 'gift of  three words.' the dmhg one is entitled 'opposites attract.' and lastly, the lmhg one is 'kissing booth.'

personally, i would have to say that 'kissing booth' is my favorite, because it's the humorous one among all 3. i don't have anyone special in my life right now, and a little pick me up is always good. i had a blast of laughs writing it, and i still laugh pretty much when i read it over and over again.

spread the love people! happy hearts day to you all!

~beabear (a little name that my friends call me)

finally, after weeks of not being able to complete chapter 24 of 'two roses,' i finished and posted it up just awhile ago. oh yes, it's a chapter filled with ron-bashing, and it will probably continue on in the next one. ron-bashing! ron-bashing! ron-bashing!

ah yes, my favorite sport as i spend most of my time thinking of fanfics and typing away when i can. no treadmill for me. never liked him. isn't it obvious? i don't think i ever wrote him as a true good friend to hermione in any of my fics. he's always the traitor and ends up hurting her very much.

time for me to go and think of more ways to torture him... lol!

oh, and tomorrow is valentine's! three fics all set and ready! :)


yes! finally! i am done, done, done with all the three oneshots that i had hopefully planned for this coming valentine's. i just finished the DMHG a minute ago, and i am very happy with it. there is no need to retype another. 2nd time's a charm? lol!

i can't wait for valentine's to post it. i'm sure though that you are more eager than i am to read it. it may be a long wait, but trust me, i think it's worth the wait.


it's in the middle of the night, and i am working on a new dramione plot for this valentine's. it's a story idea that popped into me head some hours ago. i couldn't sleep and thought i'd continue on trying to type it out, no matter how slow. i'm trying to make sure that i don't disappoint myself with it like the first one.

by the looks of things though, i am very happy with the first thousand words that i've typed. all i can say is the story is very sweet, and not to mention it has ron-bashing in it. ah, yes, my favorite sport. never really thought it would be possible in such a short fic, but it seems to be that way. oh, and did i mention it was sweet? i know how many of you love sweet dramione's.

now off i go, to continue with the sweet stuff.


yipee! i was able to write today and get something done. i am happy to say that the sshg fic for valentine's is finished. at first, i wanted it to be slightly funny because the lmhg one is quite hilarious. but it didn't turn out that way. my plot bunnies wanted something more serious and sensual--something with more depth. and that's what it ended up to be when i finished it.

i am more than pleased with it, and enjoyed the sweet lemony part of it when i reread the story. oh yes, we must enjoy our lemons. i'm sure i placed enough sugar in it. and you guys must have the ice bucket ready. lol!

i'll keep the title a secret for now, as it may be a dead give away for the plot. can't wait to post it!

as for a new dramione plot... nothing yet...


i don't know what has been happening to me the past few days, that i've written diddley squat. in simpler terms--nothing! it can't be writer's block because i have ideas in my head. typer's block? or am i really just down after that sucky dramione valentine fic that i wrote? damn... that might just be the answer.

anyways, it's not like i really haven't been doing anything. been getting around the fanfic world so to speak, and i was surprised at how many things that i discovered. one of them being plagiarism.

let me start of by saying... i hate, hate, hate it. i was totally outraged when i found out that many fanfic authors have plagiarized other authors. why they did it? i don't know. maybe they're not just damed too creative enough, that they have to copy one's story completely, word for word. and yes, sadly this has happened i have read. proof with screenshots and all. the only things that were changed were the characters name as they were written in a different fandom. still, it's damn wrong! and in another case, it just gets worse. some one even had the audacity to copy of a published book. again... wrong!

thankfully, no one has plagiarized my work, and i hope it stays that way, otherwise... i really don't know. i pray that something like that doesn't happen to my work.

just in case you guys want to know, the group that helps deal with plagiarism on lj is called stop_plagiarism. cases are posted as well as a list of the plagiarizers. it can be helpful to anyone of us fanfic writers, maybe you can help a fellow author out.

other than that, i've been spreading word about my stories on various lj communites. i feel like such an amateur compared to a few, as i am only popular by many on there are some that say that lj is the way to go and is for child like writers who are less than amateur, and i kid you not. that is the reputation of (i read it a few times in some journals). but come on?!

okay, in some cases, it's true, and others it's not. i've read terrible fics that seem like they've been done by teenagers who write like they're in the elementary school level. and in all honesty, i feel like they're fics shouldn't even be posted. but hey, this is the internet, and we can literally post anything we want. i think its freer than this free world we live in. when it comes to my writing however, i feel like it shouldn't be judged with the same low standards that people think of with the other fics on maybe if they checked it out, they would be surprised that there are a few good fics in the sight.

what's the harm in checking? i'm not trying to be ego-testicle or anything, but i really do believe my work is good, or even better than many others i've read. hey, i'm entitled to my opinion.

okay, i'll stop ranting now.


i slightly finished the untitled dmhg valentine's story the other day, and like i said in my previous post, there's a possibility that it will be a multichap fic. i've been contemplating on maybe making it a twoshot, or really a really long oneshot for awhile and read it over. i don't think i'll continue it or even post it anymore.

i'm honestly disappointed with it to say the least, and i can't really figure out why. i wrote a majority of the it for about two hours straight, and thought that it was okay. but i guess i was wrong. and my disappointment with it has evidently make me gloomy, and not want to write as much. thankfully though, i've managed to write just a bit.

a plot idea for the sshg valentine's came to mind. i'm slowly typing it out, loving the snarky and yet sweet snape that has come out--and we all know he won't admit it. lol!

but the disappointment of the dmhg fic has really slowed my writing down. my plot bunnies aren't hopping in my head. can someone please give me a few energizer batteries for my bunnies? was that a lame joke? trying to be funny here. might make me able to write some humor into my valentine fics like the lmhg one.

now, must try to make my snarky snape a little funny.


it's been a long day today for me. not even 9pm and my eyes are getting heavier by the minute. i think i'll be asleep very soon, and it would be a very early hour for me to shut my eyes until tomorrow. a friend that i haven't seen in a long time came over and we did a lot of things and catch up. before he arrived though, i was able to get some writing done.

i managed to finish 'kissing booth' last night, and started to think of a possible plot for my valentine's dmhg story. i started writing it out earlier this morning and i think it's started pretty well. if it's not a oneshot, it'll be a twoshot. there is a possibility for it though to become a multichap in the future if my muses allow. for now though, my plan is it'll be a short story. no title idea for it now. really very much a work in progress. it'll be a sweet fic. nothing smutty.

that's it for me now, otherwise i might be sleeping on my keyboard within the next minute.


last night, while i was watching a dvd, my muses suddenly came up with a new oneshot with one of our favorite pairings, lmhg. i started working on it earlier, and i believe that it is over halfway done. maybe i'll have it finished by later or tomorrow, but i'm not going to post it anytime soon. the little humor fic has a sort of valentine's day theme set around it. so it will be posted till then. don't be mad! i believe that it's worth the wait. i laughed while i was plotting it around in my head, and all the more while i was typing it. for now, it's title is 'kissing booth' and i think i'll probably stick to it.

with valentine's in mind--no, i do not have a love life now-- i thought that i'd try to do short valentine stories and post it this coming valentines. 3 short stories/oneshots with the 3 different pairings that i write. how does that sound? i think that it would be fun. no guarantees, but we'll have to see how my muses cooperate.

now to start thinking about plots for the sshg and dmhg fics, and not to forget, to try and continue working on 'two roses.'


i don't know why, but it's just been one of those days today in which i just woke up too damn early--as in before 7am. so, i decided to sit in front of the computer and write a bit. but i was wrong, that is not what happened. instead, my creativity decided to flow elsewhere, and that is with photoshop.

honestly, it's been years since i actually touched the program or even something similar to it. i'm serious! shame on me though. i'm supposed to be a multimedia artist, but i really haven't delved on photo manipulating or editing whatsoever in a long time. usually, i like to play around with my digital cameras. then again, the work that i've been doing for some time isn't multimedia related.

stupid and dumb is what i felt like when i opened photoshop. it took me awhile to get around the program and remember the basic tools, but after a few clicks here and there, i managed pretty much. and with that, i ended up making a few arsty fartsy stuff with some photos of alan rickman. hey, he's the reason why i'm in love with snape, and i fell in love with him years before the harry potter books. he's quite a looker with some voice. he is super hot and handsome despite his age--somewhere over 60+. don't kill me! i'm entitled to my own opinions, crushes, fantasies and whatever more.

well, i guess it's safe to say that i'm pleased with the work i've done with photoshop earlier. i was trying to make one of his photos look like it was sketched with color or had some charcoal effect. pretty neat how it turned out. i was following a tutorial and doing some additional stuff on my own.

besides the single picture, i also did some 100x100 icons/avatars. i would have to say i got my inspiration from surfing around lj (livejournal), and checking out a few of the thousands of icons that were in it. i've downloaded a few and used some of them myself.

will i ever post up my own icons in lj? maybe, maybe not. i've had my lj account for some time, and i have yet to post anything on it, even fanfic. some people have told me that it's really the way to get around in the fanfic world--awards, groups, etc. but why? i'm already happy with the few websites that my works are posted in. i can't complain. other than that, i really haven't figured out how to use lj. seems complicated. maybe one day though, i might post my photoshop works and fanfics. never know.

anyways, my brain is completely drained from earlier. i think i'll take a little nap. not sure though if i'm going to write. must sleep...



see the icon on the left? that's exactly me now, or rather, what's going on in my head, in both my life and my fanfic. well, never mind about my life and let's just talk about my fics, as it is an escape of mine from reality.

there are so many plot ideas of mine in my head that i can only type so much for some time. how i really do wish that i could type just as fast as i could think, and there wouldn't be much of a problem. maybe that's one of the reasons for my typer's block--too many ideas in my head, which ones should i type out? i don't know which ones to type so my fingers don't know what to type. and i am not just working on one story, but several ones at a time even. perhaps it's best to just focus on one... but i'll have to try really hard! i wish!

i also wish that i could only post completed fics and not wips, like very few authors do. well, i did that once but only for one story which was 'bid for love.' one author that practices only posting completed fics is my all time favor author, snapes_goddess. she has disipline that only i can dream of. even though i have told myself numerous times to post only completed fics, i still post wips. but i really only start posting when i have at least 3 chapters done. still, there's a part of me that thinks that it's wrong, because in the end, i leave readers hanging with unfinished fics. 'secrets' is one very good example. i have numerous fans for the story that i've left hanging when i put the story on hiatus or stopped writing it. trust me, i know how they feel because i too hate it when an author leaves me hanging with an unfinished fic. so i really should start displining myself to post only completed fics. i have the will power. i can do it!

do you know sg (snapes_goddess), and have you read her work? if not, you should. in fact, she is the main reason that i got into the lmhg ship. before it was basically sshg and a little dmhg, but because of her, lucius got into my fics with hermione. i fell in love with him because of one of her numerous fics which was 'love thy enemy.' she has written plot ideas that are very original and creative. i have laughed and shed many tears when i have read her fics, and i'm always eager for the next one.

when will i have her discipline? -sighs-

gotta get back to writing...


i've started a bit of ch24 of 'two roses' and i'm getting distracted. as i am continuing to write pimp daddy lucius, the more i want to start on writing either of the lmhg fics that are in my head. i'm trying as best as i can to let my muses focus on the task at hand--the story now, but it's hard. i keep on pausing in some areas of ch24 and wonder to myself if i should rewrite it from the beginning. it wouldn't be the first time i did such a thing. i've rewritten chapters many times in the past. well... all i want is for ch24 to be perfect--it's one of the high points in the story with severus and the ron-bashing, so i really can't disappoint.

on another note, i saw my flashdisk sitting idly next to my keyboard, and remembered that i really haven't touched it in weeks, perhaps months. most important files for me on it are the fanfics of course. so, i've browsed into it, and read the beginnings of some stories that my brain and muses just totally forgot. aside from the story ideas mentioned in yesterdays post, there are some that i have dabbled across for a bit, and forgot about them until now. they are two stories.

one story is temporarily entitled 'daughter of the darkness.' it is a fic in which hermione is voldemort's daughter. if i can remember, my plot idea was that she struggles with the getting pulled into the darkness, and the only one that can save her is severus.

the second fic is a time travel fic. and no, it's not the usual time travel fic were hermione goes into the past. instead, it's one in which certain people from the future go back into her time to change something. not going to tell exactly who or what. this time travel fic of mine is an original, and i wouldn't want anyone to steal my thunder. i'll just say this... it's another sshg.

now, i want to bang this keyboard on my head. lucius is dominating my muses now, even with the two savaged sshg fics. maybe it's best for me to stop writing for today and see what happens tomorrow, or the next day.

till next time...


i know it's been awhile since i've written in this blog--but i'm still here and i'm still alive. a lot has happened in life lately since my last entry, and i've been trying to write into my fanfic when i can. and with regards to having a new laptop, looks like i'll have to wait longer till i get one. -sighs-

still, i've been able to write on occasion but it isn't the same as writing on my laptop next to my bed. anyways, some time ago, i surprised myself with writing a smutty dmhg oneshot entitled 'the joys of muggle technology.' okay, i admit the the fic has porn as a subject, but you can't blame me. the inspiration for my muses came to me unexpectedly when i was surfing for torrents. and in those torrents sites is where i saw a few porn ads. no, i didn't click on any of them, but oddly, they inspired me to write something i never thought of. then it just happened, i started typing non-stop until the fic finished.

odd how things work. i want to write, and i can't force it out of me. but when i don't think of writing, it comes to me unexpectedly, but in a good way. my writing for fanfic has broadened into some smutty dmhg, and hopefully i'll get into writing some more of them. if not, some cute fic like 'last to know' wouldn't hurt either. it seems that more people prefer a cute and sweet story of the two rather than a smutty one with regards to reviews.

aside from that, i have also updated 'two roses' a few times. the story has taken a different turn than originally planned. i think that the long gaps between chapter and not being able to write for some time has something to do with it. more ideas come to mind, and i just had to decide which was the best way to go, or rather, my muses have taken control when i was typing. nonetheless, i am pleased as to how the story is going now. it will be longer than originally planned as well.

okay, we all know of writer's block, but what about typer's block? is there such a thing? i know where i want my stories to go, but i can't get it out. or, i have so many new story ideas in my head that i can't get it out either. my brain has so many ideas, that my fingers are too lazy to get them out, or they just can't. typer's block?

what fics do i have on my mind? a lot really. i have a plot idea or two for lmhg--and these will be multi-chap, if i ever do get them out. both are very angsty. oh yes, i still have a lot of angst that i'm dealing with. another idea that i have floating around in my head is a humorous sshg like 'bid for love.' okay... i'll confess that i have a few chapters for already written. i've mentioned it before in a recent post, 'battle of the sexes.' at least that's the title that i have for it now. it's very much a wip (work in progress), and i continue writing it once in a blue moon. if i got bitten by a humorous bug, i could finish it quickly like what happened in 'bid for love.' now where is that damn bug?!

well, 'two roses' should be a priority, as well as 'second chances.' it's been ages since i last updated that story. no, it's not going to be put up in my hiatus list any time soon. my muses and i had everything planned for that story. we just have to find it in my brain. it has to be there, somewhere. -shakes head-

must try and continue writing, and at least finish something soon. i really want to try and get started with a multi-chapter lmhg...

happy new years!


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my world

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GREETINGS! this blog was put up so that you readers would know what i'm doing with my fanfic writing, and anything else related to fanfic. i enjoy reading a few others myself. my stories revolve around hermione granger paired with one of my favorite 3 slytherins--severus snape, lucuis malfoy, and draco malfoy. snape of course is my true love. i think having a thing for alan rickman is the cause of it all. happy reading! :)


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i am 20 something year old that enjoys writing mainly fanfiction in the harry potter universe. i have other things that intrest me such as TV shows and movies, but writing my fanfic is what i do most. so far, it's been a blast posting my stories up on the net, and knowing that people enjoy my work. who knows, maybe one day i'll have my own book. no original stories yet in my mind, so it's just fanfic for now.